The first wide field videocamera for night sky patrol went in operation the december 2008.

A Watec 902H2 Ultimate equipped with a Computar 2.6 mm f/1.0 auto-iris wide-field lens was placed inside an old “cooker”. I placed a 12 W warming resistance inside the “cooker” to avoid winter frost and moisture outside the acrylic dome. This setup rises the inside temperature about 5 °C to 10 °C above the external temperature. The humidity inside the dome is kept low (typically 30 % relative) with grains of desiccant.

The software UFOCapture is used to trigger heavenly flashes and store AVI files of the detected events.

Meteors and bolides

In a typical clear night the all-sky camera detects +2 mag stars. Meteors brighter than 0 mag are captured.

This movie shows the Geminids of 2010 during the night of Dec 13/14.

This movie shows an unusual long meteor, lasted 11 s, crossing the sky above the observatory  the 11th Septembre 2010.


The all-sky camera detects also atmospheric phenomena, like sprites.